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Pre-Paid Funerals




Many people nowadays wish to plan their own funeral in advance and sometimes to pay for a future funeral at today’s     prices. This can give peace of mind in the knowledge that you are relieving your family, or executors of a burden which would otherwise face them at the time of your death.


We are pleased to discuss these matters with you in complete confidence, either at our offices or in your own home.



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Why Pre-pay?


· You can choose your own funeral arrangements, for your own peace of mind

· You will save your family from having to make difficult decisions, trying to guess what you would

   have wanted, at such a distressing time

· All options are clearly specified with fixed prices – or you can choose a personalised plan with

   every detail exactly as you want it

· Avoid rising funeral costs with an inflation-proof guarantee of the Funeral Director’s charges

· Financial security – the funeral payment is held in Funeral Planning Trust until it is needed.

· The service will be provided by your local Funeral Director

· There is no age limit and there are no awkward health questions

· You can make a once-only payment or pay by monthly instalments, whichever suits you

· All enquiries and arrangements are treated in confidence


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